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Posted Wednesday, November 16, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
Hi all, good night (lol) just gave my blog a new cloth! How do you think?

I personally like this better than the previous one. I wanted a simple, grey, white theme of blogskin and I got myself this! Took me sometime to modify here and that but it was good in the end.


There's like a cupcake trend among us recently. Mom bought us some cupcakes and we brought to Mlc!

Looks cute right?

They have this golden beads on top too. Of course they are edible. :P

Cute cupcakes from housemate. <3

Belated birthday gift from my friend!

With a small card. lol :)

Inside it was a cup! Sooo cute!

Going out early in the morning!

And went for brunch.

Awesome porridge.

Awesome yong tau fu. Uhhhhhhhh :D

My whole body was quite pain. -_-'' FYI, I went for dance class yesterday! Emily was the instructor. She was really really good. And she's a very patient and caring girl too. Very rare and seldom you can find such good teacher, appreciate. We learn The Boys by SNSD. LOL

 Next monday exam already, time flies huh. :(

Till next time!
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