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Posted Saturday, November 26, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
Hi people, or shall I say night owls?

I love being in my hometown. A place where I truly belong to. A place where I feel warm, feel happy and safe.

I really love it when all of my family members are present. Thankfully we still take family as a serious matter. I REALLY love the idea of whole family together! Just had an awesome dinner with my family. Love our family dinner, they are NEVER once not nice!

And also ate 3 pizzas with friends yday! it was a promo that's why we bought it. Due to some inevitable delays we reached pizza hut at 9pm....wadda.. And when we were about to order some food to mute our stomach the waitress told us the coupon was only valid for delivery only! OMG!

Then we took away and went to Denzel's house and eat instead haha.

The awesome moment when you tasted 7 types of cheese on a hot fresh baked pizza WHEN ur stomach is growling is the best feeling ever. Do not overeat of course!!! We refused to on any fan or air conditional because we want em served hot!! It was..... Superb...

And we chat on that round marble table for hours while munching our pizza. Laughing talking gossiping with his mom lololol. And then bro and siong zu joined us! And we went yumcha for 2nd round haha. Overtime is coming soon in sban, can't waitttttt! Glad seremban is indeed improving :p

Ya all know what is vertigo? It comes back to me again. Not a good news. Always made me unable to sleep well. Yay Monday pub hols ^.^

Alright people gotta go! Tomorrow is the holy Sunday <3 nights nights and may ur Teddy bless you have a sweet dream. God bless you too! :)

Stephy, xx
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