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Posted Sunday, November 20, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
Did it happen to you all before, that...

A very cool friend of yours, very funny, very awesome, very cute, very outstanding, has his/her own strong mindset and stand. But suddenly when he is in love, EVERYTHING ABOVE ARE GONE?

He became so lovey-dovey, talk everything about his gf no matter in fb status or what, go everywhere with his gf, stick together like nobody's business? And kinda like... kinda like WORSHIP his gf!! omgness!!

I have experienced that, and I wish they break up fast. LOL jk. But I do hope he will become all awesome again.

The thing is, when you're attached to someone, DON'T LOSE YOURSELF OKAY? Sometimes I don't know whats the meaning of falling in love anyway.

Is it the process of you being lovey dovey with your other half? go where also together, like he is your world she is your world? Where your friends stand then? And what happened to all the late night pillow talks with besties? what happened to the awesome dinner gathering with your friends? What happened to the catch up sessions during yumcha with your friends when your other half wants to hang out with you all the time? What happened to your friends trip!

I sometimes love to have a really lovey dovey relationship, but I know in the long run, my friends will hate me. They will even say, omg she doesn't have us anymore! >:( which I don't want that to happen. Sometimes i really treasure friends so much that once I found a bunch of awesome friends I can ignore other stuffs.

True story.

In a relationship means what exactly? Gosh this is a very hard question. I dare not think about it.

Till next time, will update more later if i have the time!
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