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Posted Thursday, October 06, 2011 // 0 comments (+)

Who doesn't know what is an IPHONE or even an iPAD or even an iPOD? Even my parents know that.

They never fancy all these stuffs, but they knew. Just imagine how popular Apple is. And although they are quite overpriced, people often perceive those who owned an Apple product as someone who are rich, who have excess money that they have no where to spend them and only they buy an apple product but trust me after you've searched around for Apple's video clips in youtube you will definitely find yourself being stupid for saying that.

They have invested billions in their products and some might say they copy from others but really, after I used so many touch screen products none are as smooth as Apple's. I'm not being biased but somehow their products really caught my attention - Not because of ''WOW u use Apple! So cool!'' Yes they are expensive, yes they are always being perceived as a show off tool but when you lay your hands down on them you'll feel the difference and you will know why.

I owned an iPod 3rd gen and I can say until now, the touch screen function is still so much smoother and so user friendly than other new phones in the market. 2 years ago, I remembered my very first time looking at an iPod's advertisement with my friend Kelling, I still remember she introduced me this product at my room in my Malacca apartment. We were captivated. We were impressed. Looking at such small and slim device which is capable of performing so many functions and you can literally control the whole game just by tilting it left or right. Not the old way of pressing buttons to control those directions. We were instantly attracted. And she bought her iPod end of the year and I've got mine beginning of next year. I

When I bought it my brother was really amazed by its touch screen function and how easy it was to play games on it. And so, he bought another one for his gf with her name engraved on it. Sooner or later, he won a Blackberry playbook. Half a year ago, he said he really really wished to have an iPad. He might get iPad real soon. I said, you've owned a blackberry playbook but why do you still need an iPad? He said ''they are not the same, Apple is apple.''

Quite a number of my friends got themselves 4th gen iPod and some even got iPad. As days go by, more and more people are using Apple's product 9 out of 10 people are using an iPhone. Owning an iPhone is no longer a luxurious and rare thing anymore.

My point was, Apple won't be so success if their products didn't impress people,right? They are priced so high and yet they've sold off billions of units and why? Because they are really awesome. And all of these are because of Steve Job, he is truly legendary. He literally changed the world. Not in a super fast way but gradually, he did.

Without Steve Job, I won't be having such an awesome device on my hand. You all will never experience such a smooth surfing and navigating touch screen experience. No billions of apps will be created.

Thank you so much for your invention and creation. R.I.P Steve Job.

iPhone 4 Steve - Might not be the best iPhone, but definitely the most remembrance iPhone.
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