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Posted Saturday, October 29, 2011 // 0 comments (+)

again..LOL.. Due to Deepavali and all of us were idle for one whole day, we decided to go Muar for road trip. We planned this very long already and we finally get the chance to explore there!

Thanks Alvin for fetching me, Kristy and her bf around. Thanks JJ for leading the road too. Without them two this trip won't be successful.

First of, went to their famous street for food. This street is like a morning pasar malam full with all the chinese! And also chinese food!

Otak otak! But old Newton's otak is nicer. I guess we found the wrong stall in Muar. Eating the right otak otak can be really addictive. We ate almost 60 otak otak in old newton for our supper last time.

This is pretty nice. Loveeee their gravy. We dare not eat much because.. this whole day is for us to eat.. lol

Guess we deserve some dessert right? This is peanut soup. Its not sour! Its sweet. The peanut is so soft, and the soup is sweet. Not bad!!

Some juice to kill the heat. The weather is so hot lately in Msia. Like freaking hot, can't even stand under the sun for long.
And the juice is ice blended one. So its kinda nice!

We walked almost the whole town, and saw a red color Ferarri. O_O.. 
Then went to eat again. -_-
Pre-dinner at Batong!

This was AWESOME. Superb. If the vege is softer then it'll be really nice. I didn't expect they have such good food here! Its near the seaside btw.

Yummy. Must eat with rice. :P

With O chien and also fried sotong! Their fried sotong also veryyyyy awesome. O chien was just mediocre.

After that, came back and went out with our family. <3 They came to Melaka cuz they have nothing to do as well!

Brought them out for dinner nearby and then to town for Nadeje. My bro wanted to try Nadeje so bad but he said secret recipe nicer. =_=

Went to church this morning, and I'm feeling so alive and charged up again! Go to church more often if you can. You will definitely feel happier, no doubt. 

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