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Posted Sunday, October 23, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
At Pavilion!!

The usuals!

Go Pavilion by public transport is even harder now. I guess we'll visit Pav lesser!

Lunch first @ TGIF! In HK u everyday can eat TGIF. One average meal in HK is RM30. Even just some normal char siew rice. Its RM30 already. -__-''

The starter! Lovess it. NOthing goes wrong with cheese I guess. ^_^

The burger! I love the onions on top! I wonder why people don't like onions? Without them your burger will not taste as good! I still prefer McD fries hahahaha. I'm such a fan of McD I can eat McD 3 times a week! Which is something I shouldnt be proud of....................

We got this FREE dessert! Just check in TGIF in foursquare and you will entitled this small lil desserts. The manager told us 1 dessert per table but the other staff told us 1 each. So...... :D :D
Mine was awesome! Strawberry pudding/ice cream thingy.

Shopped at F21! A must visit whenever we go Pav. Love their chaning room. But we always never buy anything from there one. :P

Inside TopShop! Don't mention this shop okay, their clothes are LOVELY but their prices are DEADLY. Damn.
Oh how I wish I can have another shopping trip. It has been agesssssss.


:D :D
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