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Posted Tuesday, October 25, 2011 // 0 comments (+)

Laptop lag, phone lag... Kill me please!!! If I'm rich I'll freaking get myself a Mac Book Pro (maybe it is not so user friendly so a better laptop will do!) and also Iphone 4s AND an iPad AND a semi pro camera. ^_^

I became more patient also because of this I guess. Lol

Was feeling really really down last night, and luckily one of my friend listened up my problems and I can finally sleep nicely. I had to tell a 3rd party who doesn't know much of my life only he will give me a fair and unbiased judgement. Thank you!

My mama told me I should take care of my own health. Don't regret it for what you SHOULD HAVE done. So if you think you are doing the right thing, just do it! Don't care how others think! They don't do that normally!

If you think you are doing wrong and even a slightest guilt exist, TRY not to do it so often! Steph's theory is never be a perfect person, never be a super disciplined person. Indulge yourself once in a while but not too much is always the healthiest way. I've seen people force themselves not to do this not to do that too much and they got kinda weird in the end. They kinda, EXPLODE! :/

Had a really great chat today, I guess I really love chit chatting. I feel incomplete and sleepless without a good chat of the day! thanks to all my friends!

Happie Deepavali everyone. Enjoy the lovely holiday ^_^

Happie birthday to my lovely dad. Be healthy and safe. Your health and safety always outweighs other factors that are worth my concerns. =)
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