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Posted Sunday, October 09, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
A friend of mine just asked me : HEY SMACKY, GO CHECK OUT THE MOON NOW!

I was like.. Okay. When I got out, the moon was like this!!

*gasps* Such a beauty!!!

Im not a stargazing fan but this really is beautiful!!! How often can you see that? Never.

I'm currently watching Gossip Girl Season 2. It. was. addictive. You have to try and watch it before you judge it! :P

I kinda love how it ends up with their small dreams come through. What I hate was their dramatic relationship, and that's all. But it wasn't thatttt complicated and bad. Watch it and you will know.


I'm going to HONG KONG tomorrow! For one whole week! So don't call my hp or text me.I'll be onlining when there is wifi! I believe there will be!

Wish me safe flight and Hong Kong, ngor lei la!


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