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Posted Wednesday, October 05, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
dinner for Ernest, before he left for UK.

He picked us up at Pavilion, and brought us to some really nice spaghetti place! SPAGHETTI.

Finally I had the chance to go dinner besides those restaurants in the shopping mall. Super excited! Hope it was good too!

Drove all the way there.

Camwhored with his phone. I love Samsung's front camera. T_T
The only thing that MIGHT change my mind from getting an Iphone. hahaahhaha

Finally reached! Kristy

Me, Ernest

Their super awesome starter ^_^ inside are snails btw. hahahahahaha it tastes good!

French toast with some dippings.

Drink this before you start your main course.

Ernest's. They served the food quite fast!

Mine! One of the best carbonara in the whole wide world. I love fettuccine instead of spaghetti! And the sauce is sooooooo creamy and cheesy and if you can't take cheese, you'll feel bored of it real fast. But not for me. :D

Mmmmmmm~ Never get bored of it. NEVER. :P

Kristy's. Their home made cheese pasta I guess.

Look what's inside! So juicy so creamy so cheesy and inside there are veges. So you won't feel bored of eating all the cheese and stuff. Awesome too!

Overall it was reaaaaaaally nice. Super satisfied. The price is around RM25-RM30 per dish!

Till then,XX

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