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Posted Sunday, October 02, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
Hi everyone! Its 11:18PM right now, Sunday.

My holidays OFFICIALLY started. Hence, the ''today my life begins!'' All the books can be ignored now ^_^ my friend even burnt his exam paper wth.

So sunday, went church today. I love it when people put perfume especially guys. They smell extremely good and... I got attracted to guys who put perfumes. =P (I'm ADDICTED to guy's perfumes. Not girls. I know, weird right.) And I love girls who wear heels! Or at least wear nicer a bit to go church. I feel energetic. =D But I was just wearing jeans and tees. -_- forgive me okay I haven't completely wake up yet. Thanks Kristy for waking me up!

Woke up and ate lovely long missed yong tau fu @ blossom. They had the best porridge ever. Agree? No? No you have to agree.

And right after the awesome breakfast, we went to church.

Really, everytime after coming back from church I feel so loved and balance up. You know, sometimes you get kinda unbalance because of things happening around you, and sometimes you're tryna assure yourself that sadness isn't anything, happiness is everything. In the mist of doing that, you'll have lots of doubts to yourself. But everytime after Sunday, you will feel relieved because even if nobody loves you, God still love you.

Thousand times Ive failed, your mercy remains.

Parents went out for our cousin's wedding dinner. So Kristy and I were super excited cuz...


I love going out at nite ^_______^ If you noticed, I'm such a night owl. It can't be changed, I just love going out at nite! Its so romantic ah. hahahaha

And we went to Kensington (whereelse) but I really love their food there! Quite reasonable as well. Ordered Carbonara Spaghetti and it was a-w-e-s-o-m-e. But the best Carbonara Spaghetti are from Carlos and Antonio's. I have a thing for Carbonara Spaghetti. Others? Hmm nope, especially red sauce. Never a fan of it. Oh and also their mushroom soup is really awesome. Gotta go try if you have the chance okay. I'm missing Chamber's Man-On-The-Go but dining there is such an impractical idea cuz we're broke. End of sem always like that wan.

More pictures blog post will be up REAL SOON. Pinky promise.

Goodnight! xx
Loves from,
A girl who is enjoying her holidays to the max!

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