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Posted Monday, October 03, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
Is where we resurrect. we reborn. we lahir semula. we cong sang. we chong sheng. we ..okok hahahahahaha!

So after the last paper, the last paper was okay. We went to Mori Cafe for their famous fish and chips, and also their bubble milk tea <3 (FYI we lived in EP now, so its quite far to go Mori everyday)

And we just....chilled...lazily... reading mags, chit chatting, enjoying the beverages and food....OH SO NAIS.

Then we went to see them guys play snooker. There's something like a hidden illegal place to play snooker near Mori as well.LOL!

After the lunch, rested for few hours then... OUTINGS! Teeeheeeee.

We were starving for dinner already.And finally we stopped by Nadeje. Was quite glad that we chose this place because I'm dying for a piece of
Nadeje Original!

Free beverage for every meal ordered. This is like the best marketing strategy ever. I LOVE all the set meals with drinks.

Ehm... yeah carbonara again hahaha! But it tasted bad. Look at the sauce you can already tell.

Nice shot eh?

Kristy's Tori Katsu Don. I LOVE KATSU DON. I love how the soft wet eggs and onions cover the japanese rice. Best don ever T_T

Ching Siang's Okonomiyaki. Japanese flat pizza.

Their super famous and super delicious Original crepe cake. Never once failed me. =]

Accidental discover. Our NEW LOVE. Praline cake. Made of small crunchy almonds inside the soft crepe cake. almond smells spread wildly inside your mouth when you first taste this cake.

Next, JONKER! Loot some cheap hair stuffs and earrings. Didn't buy any food because we were still very full. Craving for their durian puff ! Durian lovers trust me you gotta try jonker's durian puff. Its like the best durian puff ever. T______T
But we didn't buy it. ._. cuz closed ady.

Next stop, OT!

IT was quite nice! Compared to Movida it was hmmmm a more naive place.LOL. Movida is a total club and this is like half a club and half a bar and half a cafe lounge.

Tried their aromathic starker. Tastes like hamburgers and sausages to me. -_-

And here's a toast. To all of us who finished our exam! And to all of us who are going to have holidays!

And that's it! XX

Moreeeee pictures blog post comin up. Pinky promise.

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