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Posted Friday, September 02, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
I love hamsters...........

Its because of the way they sleep.

Make you duno wanna cry or laugh.

T______T super cuteeee!! His name is Brownie. My brother and his gf's pet. Not mine of course! Haha.

Brownie is currently sleeping like this (the 2nd picture) on my right hand side while I'm blogging about his embarrassing moment while Timmy is squirting his eyes looking at me while hiding inside his small little igloo on my right hand side too. prolly wanna stare at me one kind because I talked bad bout his lil friend, Brownie. :P

Both of them are my happie pills. :D Pets are super duper cute!!!!!! Especially when you tickle their neck (I guess that's their comfortable part) and their satisfying face. Just like this.

So cutee!

Anyways, went yumcha with s2 friends just now. Awesomeee, love how simple their life is. No worries, no temptations, no difficult mindset and stuffs. Awesome awesome. I know they face their problems like how we all do too, but they are so naive and so happy go lucky and most importantly, they never judge and never really care how others look at them. They can make you look up on them, they focus on the bigger picture instead of the smaller details. They get satisfied by communicating with friends heart to heart, not by money nor satisfying their temptations. How can we conquer the complicated world with a naive heart? Hmm, they really got me wonder.

Gotta go. Time is moving fast, I can't seem to cope up!

Much love, ^_^
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