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Posted Saturday, September 17, 2011 // 0 comments (+)

One of my friend, Ernest went to UK.......... Gonna miss him badly :(

BUT go with 10 other friends wth right! Its like a vacation farewell instead of a study farewell.

Its like, ''YAY I'm going to UK with my buddies!!!!'' instead of ''Bye... Take care... ''

-_- but still, MSN,skype, facebook...gotta thank them this time. I wonder how those older generation people communicate when one is at overseas and one is at here? They have no internet! They have no skype! They can just make expensive calls? Yet some of their relationships are pretty good though. Impressive.

I've heard someone said : Back then we don't have any temptations, don't have much choices. So we always stick on one thing, and hold on to that one thing till the end.

That's why they never give up on something so easily. Sometimes I'm really glad I took up Chinese because IMO, chinese people are reaaaally disciplined. Like really. Things that you learn from school, you can even apply it until you're old. They never change. :)

Parents came down to Malacca just now, and we restocked all our grocery and our daily stuffs. Feels really awesome. Shopping is awesome. Just when we were about to pay, only we realized Jusco today is no plastic bag day. -__________-

Plus they gave us lots of food. Yums. Enough to last for another 2 weeks.

P/s :
The person who reads too much and uses his brain too little will fall into lazy habits of thinking.
—Albert Einstein
That's so me.
Till then!
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