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Posted Monday, September 26, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
Love the new facebook layout. Some of them, especially the birthday wishes thingy! It made the task of wishing people become so much easier. So,more people will get wished on their birthday. And therefore, more people are happier.

Been chatting with my friend last night, and coincidentally we talked about some facebook guy. I don't like that dude for so longggggg already but I thought, hmm okay might be my own problem don't wanna exaggerate bout it. But my friend, which is also his mutual friend, noticed something that is dis-likable in him too! And we were so busy agreeing with each other when we said out things about him. He is some unknown guy, BARELY know him one so its okay. Because he's such a despo he always go like those hot girl's links, go chat with almost all the cute girls, go GE PO with them everytime they update new status whining this and that. What's more? He sendiri say he wanna quit facebook not long ago. Quit my ass. Hahahaha. Totally forgot about how nice it was to gossip about someone with the ''true dislikeable fact'' about him.Hahahah sorry, can't help to gossip once in a while!

I've noticed I have let go alot of grudges, alot of emo-ness, alot of disappointments and stuffs. Why ah? I also don't know. All I ever knew was, be happy everyday. You don't have to be really happy like go WEEE and go YAYY around just to show that you're happy. Happy can be in a way you feel contended with yourself and feel like you believe in something beautiful. At least everyday when you wake up, you don't feel suicidal. Not anymore. I was such an emo person last time, really. But now? No more. And I'm really enjoying this feelings. And I thought my suffering days will never leave me...... But look at me right now, no longer have any reasons to be emo all the time.

But sometimes I do let myself think back of all the possibilities, all the what IFs, all the happy moments that I once had, and let myself be emo, be down, be sentimental a bit. That's some kinda release to myself and to actually let myself feel hurt just to make sure my heart is still alive.

Yesterday night, I was picturing back all the sweet ''COULD HAVE'' been moments and I really feel so sweet that I can't stop smiling. But then I thought...... This is not what I want right now at the moment. I am still not matured enough to handle a relationship. Come on, who doesn't like to have someone to cuddle? Who doesn't like to have someone to text you mornings and goodnights? I do I do I really do. But I can survive without them too.

I noticed I care lesser day by day about all the ''princess'' treatment that I once craved for. About all the attention that I was once desperate for. Before sleep I would cuddle with my bolster, thinking its actually nice to fall in love once in a while, to let someone to care for you and love you and feel committed to someone. But then I actually moved on to stop thinking about this matter because I realize I can survive without them. Maybe when I'm admiring those who are having a super sweet relationships, they are admiring at me too for being single?

All the sweet memories that I once had. They are really really sweet. And I enjoyed them most, and appreciate them most. Every now and then I'll look back at the thing that reminds me of my sweet memories and smile. And that's it.

I have no other wants and needs atm. Sometimes,being alone can be really fun too. I've seen several articles lately about traveling alone.One article kinda inspires me. She said traveling with friends are equally fun, but you might miss out some special moments happening around you when you are travelling alone. :D

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