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Posted Sunday, September 04, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
with the family!

Went to visit our cousin in the noon, went to visit his farm as well. He has really really cute daughter and son! They are both very polite as well. I dont like spoilt kids. They are shy, kept smiling, very polite and very cute.

Right after that, I thought we're going back home. I asked dad : Daddy, where are we going right now?

He hesitated for awhile and said : Hmmmm, wanna go Lot10 have some dinner? Or go Empire Subang Gallery a while?

I of course wanna go Lot10. They have the most variety to choose and those food are really nice.

Heading there!

Awesome BKT. This is call small bone meat. Really niceeee.
Since when I love BKT? I don't love it last time, at all. Hmm, weird.

Duck rice. I prefer the duck my dad bought from his friend. That is the most delicious duck ever. Sorry if this post make you guys hungry. :P

Mango Ice. RM10 per plate. But its super duper worth it because we haven't tasted such nice ice before, no joke!!

They gave you REAL slices of mango underneath them. Yummy!

Then we saw a japanese girl inside a transparent room making some noodles in the shop Icibanboshi.

Ready to cut the noodles.

Carefully slicing each part with equal diameters. Super pro.

See how thin they are?

After that, she push all the cut noodles evenly and spread them out.

Ready to transfer the noodles into the tray for the chef to cook them and serve freshly to the customers!

See how even they are. We stood there around 30 minutes or so just to see her cut. If the whole process were this troublesome, we won't order noodles ad next time! Hahahah

Sticky. Free sticky to eat. Not really a fan of sticky actually.

Went to Tokyo Street's photography shop!

Played with their tinted lens.




Love it!

Brought dad and mom to Snowflakes.

Their best seller is finished. Too bad they can't try how awesome they are. The top one tastes really good too!

Bought 3 mochi. The half transparent instruction paper looks so cute!

 Love how Sephora looks at nite.

Till then,
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