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Posted Thursday, September 01, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
Hello! Its 12:55 am right now and I still don't wanna sleep because ITS STILL HOLIDAYS!!!! :D

My friend came to Malacca to visit me few weeks ago. Apparently he knows nuts bout Malacca. When my friend said : Come, I bring you all go Dahtaran Pahlawan. Then he thought it was really dahtaran pahlawan where people fight each other on the stage lol. So stupid. :P

He was all excited to go because he learnt muay thai, he's really interested in fighting. But when he reached there, he was immediately turned off by knowing the fact that its just shopping centre with such a name. LOL!

Just came back from pasar malam and yumcha. It was our weekly routine. Lol.

Went KL with parents yesterday and the day before yesterday. Yesterday was better because dad brought us to go Lot10 and also Pavilion! I kinda get bored of Pavilion already. I wanna go Sunway ^_^

Back then when I was young, I didn't know that place is call Sunway Pyramid. I always call it the sticker shop because my parents always buy me stickers in one of the bookstore inside sunway pyramid. So whenever we reach that shopping complex, and I saw that sticker shop, I immediately knew I was in the sticker shop. Lol girls!

Still got a few days left of my holidays. I'm gonna miss it sooooo much. Nope I do not find this holidays boring. In fact I feel its too short. :P

Go to listen to You and I by Lady Gaga, nice song! Kinda vintage feel.

P/s : I really miss the fun loving and stupid and silly jokes. :D
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