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Posted Saturday, September 24, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
I have a very very huge tendency to change my blog layout. I'm searching for a simple and nice one. I've already had a design in my head but I DUNO HTML CODES AND CSS. :( Izit html code ah? hahahaha I dont know!

Anyways, two down 3 more to go. Just do your best!!!;..... in staying awake ok -_-
who says MMU students damn relax one you better spit and say again!

My only entertainments since September : Breakfast, lunch, dinner. When I'm bored / sleepy, with slight entertainments of some TVB dramas and Taiwan dramas. Been watching Laughing Gor! I really love Laughing Gor's man-ness. T____T and also watch The Fierce Wife, a Taiwan show. about 3rd party. Should really watch it then you will never be a third party anymore. Seriously. And this is how I passed my whole September....
Exams,are you happy now!

Exams period :  ._.

After exams : O_O


Sometimes when I'm super stress I'll question myself. Why do I need to study so much? For a better living? For a better future? So that I can buy whatever I want? By being a professional accountant? So that I can be happy?

And when stress kicks in, I'll start to think : No nid study so hard one lah Steph. Don't stress out urself! You can still be very happy even if you fail one subject right! (WTH) and also you can earn big money through creativity one! See Mark Zuckerberg! He's a dropout too!

Right, right I comforted myself like that.

But then just when I was about to give up, I don't know why I kinda stressed myself to the LIMITTTTTT and tell myself all these will be over real soon and just suck it up.In the end, who wanna hire YOU when others can also perform that task right????????

Think on the bright side girl! When you think you're worse, just look at doctor's notes ok. 99% of words aren't meant to be understood. Look how lucky we are. =]

Just when I thought my happy days were farrrrrrr left behind, I'm actually closer to them! :))

Goodnight! xx

 Wish me luck people!

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