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Posted Tuesday, September 13, 2011 // 0 comments (+)

I have totally forgotten how sweet church song's melody is. Totally forgotten..........

Listened back to it I find myself feeling charged up and so.. POSITIVE!!! So calm, so loved. Like really.

I miss going to church. Hmmm..

People say bad memories cause the most pain, but I think it's the good one that drives u insane :))
I always find myself smiling back at sweet memories instead of the bad ones. I did think back of the bad ones sometimes but I don't know why my mind just go through the bad ones rather quickly and search for happy ones again. 
Guess that's the positive side of me. :)

For every happy memories that you have, that's priceless.
 A heart that hurts is a heart that works. So don't be afraid.
P/s : I was alone at the gym today. Alone....................... O_O

Ok enough for the break. Study life I'm back. huhuhuhuhu
P/p/s : Thanks Yikxin for the internet connection sometimes! :P

Sometimes I'm at this phase of life where I think nerds are sooo sexy (attractive i mean ahem). Then another phase of life where I think serious guys (people who notice news and technologies stuffs) are soooo attractive and other times I think funny guys are so attractive and other times I think guys who are sometimes childish are so attractive and sometimes I think guys who treat me bad (because they failed to express their love out) are sooo attractive but sometimes I think guys who treat me good ( because I'm touched) are soooo attractive. So in short I also dont know what I'm talking about la. That's how I felt though. HAHA.

Goodnight. :)
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