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Posted Sunday, August 21, 2011 // 1 comments (+)

This picture is such a romantic one from the movie. But I havent watched that movie yet! haha! I love their songs though. Really really nice. Remember when and Alone again I guess? hmm oldies rock in their own way!

Back to topic. a website to cheer up my day : www.tasteofawesome.com.

When I'm down I always go to that website because its funny and silly! ahhahaha

I feel like I'm not being myself these days. Or at least, Im not going through things that i am going through all along these days. Or at least, I'm accepting something or some changes that I can't accept all along.

Maybe its time to change gua.....


P/s : Sometimes some words of praise do make someone's day. Of course, a sincere one. :)

P/p/s : I still look up on you sometimes.=D
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