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Posted Monday, August 29, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
Here is a promised lots-of-pics post! Sorry it was delayed for a day because yesterday I came back quite late.

In this post there's gonna be pictures from 2 cameras.

This way the original look I'm gonna go out with. Pink cloth + Pink shorts. But Siang said pink makes me look fat so I gotta ditch pink and stick to black :( But look slim is the main point hahaha

And then I changed into black color shirt. Thanks Siang for the suggestions.:D
I still stick with the pink shorts because I really love this short :P

Before going out, we camwhore together. Like always always camwhoring. -_-

Chin Siang. Nice pic! :D

Yikxin, Cindy.Nice pic too!

Kristy. Cindy. Nice pic as well. :D

Group shot before heading out. We were 2 hours late heading out -_-

Went to the toilet once we reached, and camwhored. :P

Camwhored inside the fitting room when Cindy and Yikxin were trying on clothes. Hahaha


She almost bought this pants. If only the pockets weren't that big!

Making FULL use of the mirror and camera. Lol

Love this, but I figured its gonna be expensive so I dare not even look at the price tag. :(

Left, ME (-_-''). Yikxin, Siang. When we're choosing Kristy's present.

Then, time for CHATIME! How you pronounce it btw? I promise it as Cha. (茶)Time. instead of chat time. Because 1 T only ma. Lol. Kristy's choice of drink, Red Bean.

Mango bubble milk tea. Not bad. I loveeeeee those pearls!

My FAVOURITE drink! Everytime I sip this I'll feel like I'm in heaven.You guys should try this out! Its called Strawberry Pudding Au-Liat (Dont know how to spell). Super awesome. I love strawberry drinks :D:D and also strawberry Ice Cream Sundae.

Right after that, shopping time againnnn. Until 8 o'clock, we finally go to have our dinner @ Simply Fish. It was such a long time since the last day I ate this.

Best mushroom soup ever! Second comes Kensington's mushroom soup at SEremban. :P
Kristy and I were mushroom soup fans. Whenever we go, we'll order their mushroom soup. So far these are the only 2 that we fancy. :P This mushroom soup from Simply Fish is super awesome that it HAS to go with this

Their garlic bread is so awesome too. 6 slices with only Rm2.90. So worth it that we almost wanted to order a second plate, no joke!

Chin Siang's. Sambal fish with chips. She loves spicy therefore this is the one for her. :P

Kristy's naked fish. A good choice because those fish are soooo fresh and the meat is so tender!

Yikxin's mushroom chicken chop. Look at the mushroom goodies. :P She lovessssss rice :p

Cindy's fish platter. OMG.

Mine! I suggest you all order a few and share with each other. :)

Right after that, we walked to Celsius and sing k!

Chin Siang driving. after 2-3 years. OMG! Epicness hahaha

To prove that she is not just posing, nah


Went Casa Del Rio to snap pictures.

Their toilet, looks really good too. T_T

A really really romantic place. :)) Speaking of romantic places, I can always imagine myself coming to these kinda places with angmohs. :P

Chilling when other girls are busy snapping pictures. The whole Melaka river view. Awesomeness.

My sister is finally a grown-up now. *sniff hahahahahahaahha

see how romantic this is? Wow!

Later, we went supper at Aunt Lulu. She has the best roti kukus (instead of bakar) at melaka town!

I really enjoy going out with bunch of girls. We know each other the best. The patience when the other girls are choosing things, the patience when other girls are trying out clothes, the patience when the other girls are tired of walking with heels, the patience when other girls are camwhoring inside the toilet. :))

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