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Posted Sunday, August 28, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
My brother is watching football alone at the living room. And I saw every guys are flooding my facebook news feed with football thingy!! Guys with all their football!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmm, kinda cute. :D hahahaha

I pity my leg, did I tell you all I fall down couple of days ago? Its bleeding on my right knee. How I fall down ah? Here's the story :

I was wearing high wedges and shorts (First time I go out Melaka with shorts, normally long jeans) and I was walking forward BUT looking backward because I was laughing at my friend who drove manual after such a long time and she forgot to turn off the car light and stuffs. I said : Don't worry, I wont post on facebook one! Hahahahahahahaha!!! "

And without looking at the road in front of me while walking, I fall down. My left leg sprained a while and I immediately kneel down and my right knee faced on the road. :(((( And it bleeds :(( and it hurts :(( and my friend at first wanna laugh at me one cuz I teased her at first and now I fall down mah. Although its really funny la still it hurts mah T_____T hahahahahahahahahah

I fall down on Friday night and today Sunday liao still hurts :( I can't walk properly can't go upstairs properly cant even stand properly now I feel like OKU ._. Sigh. Really gotta appreciate the time when I'm perfectly fine right.

Few weeks ago I was thinking like, Hmmm it has been such a long time I never fall down huh? Like really fall down that type. and NOW I GOT IT. T_______T

Big lesson learnt : Don't wear shorts when wear high wedges lah! And don't laugh at people and forgot to see the front road. Make sure you stand still when you wanna laugh at people! wth haha

P/s : Pets alwayssssssss make people happy. Like Brownie and Timmy. ^_^
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