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Posted Saturday, August 06, 2011 // 0 comments (+)

I'm alive not dead. So sorry for the lack of updates in my blog. Been really busy recently.
As you all know, I'm all legal for everything since 7 days ago. I felt awesome. Nothing really changed but mentally I guess I grew. Not much but yes, I did.

The times, the moments I had before these few months were like shit. Everyday was practically like shit.But right now, I can see sunshines. I won't let myself emo for the whole day, feeling like shit,feeling why do I exist in this world. I don't wanna think all these anymore. Life is so much more than that.

Even if everyday isn't your day, but there's gotta be something good in everyday. Sometimes its really nice to have someone to look up to. When you don't know how you should react, when you don't know how you should handle/tackle your problems, you can always learn from the people you respect. They kinda, give you hope.

This birthday I felt awesome. Though I never really felt like, OMG OMG OMG ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! =D I CANT SLEEP! HOW! I know its my birthday. I know I'm going to have celebrations, I know I'm going to have wishes, I know I'm going to receive a couple of phone calls, I know I'm going to cut cakes. I don't feel really that excited compared to last time. But still, I'm flattered to receive so many wishes on FB. But seriously (here's a tip), a text message meant so much more than an FB message. so next time if you wanna make someone remember you, or to make that birthday girl happy, just text her. She felt much warmer and sweeter. Speaking of experiences. And the best one will be - A phone call. Regardless of what the birthday girl is doing, where the birthday girl is at, a phone call will be suffice to show you really remember her birthday. She will feel so warm for having such a friend. I'm really flattered to have bunch of awesome friends to plan all the surprised birthday party for me. Sometimes they whisper behind me, text alot behind me making me feel so, why am I so left out?! But they still refused to tell me. But they are actually planning for my birthday. :')) Thank you all so much..

This 21st birthday is the birthday I received the most present and also the most cakes. Can I have these kinda treats every year? :P I really hope I can. Some are even hand-made, hand baked from scratch. Words can't describe how much I appreciate the efforts behind them. I can just say, thank you and God bless ya all. =]

Watched Captain America and also The Rise of Planet of The Apes. I prefer Captain America! I know nothing about Marvel heroes but people, do stay back for the avenger's trailer after all the credits alright! Don't go back first! The trailer will definitely impress you!!

Alright, gotta stop updating and go to bed. Goodnight people. Have a wonderful sleep and Sunday! :)

P/s : If you have the chance, go out and see the world. You will definitely think different than how you do now.
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