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Posted Sunday, August 07, 2011 // 2 comments (+)
So we're thinking of having a small lil celebration and yet a grand one at Seremban with my family and friends. Our initial plan was, Saturday friends, Sunday family. So I called my mom and suggested bout this.

We were so busy discussing about all the birthday celebration plans and yet I still have like two papers that week. It was indeed a hectic week!

But in the end, it was a huge success. Thank you everyone for coming! Really. It was my very first time organizing such thing, and I didn't know what to do. But glad you all felt good. More improvements next time I guess, but still, I prefer to go for a small gathering instead of a big one. Small small gathering, just nice, you can chat with everyone! Hehe. A big one will better be an outing or a group trip huh? :D A big group of people having lunch together is not really a good idea lol.

We went to church that morning and rushed back to make up and stuffs, get ready for our birthday celebration! Yay! Its always nice to wear nice nice, make up for an event. I don't know why.

All the guys busy choosing for the dishes.

Augrinated (dont know how to spell) french fries. Basically its just thick french fries with some salts and lots of melted cheese on top! All of us just can't get enough of this!

Their starter, some jumbo platter. The sauce is awesome! But I didn't eat much of this, I don't really like fried stuffs.

Kristy's baked fish. Looks small but when you finish the whole thing, you can actually get pretty full.

My Cordon Blue. To my upmost honest opinion, I don't really think this is nice! I've tasted better ones. Plus I don't like black pepper. Why on earth I ordered this one at first! Lol

Mushroom soup, is a must-try everytime I visit a restaurant. So far the nicest mushroom soup on earth is the mushroom soup in Kensington! This one is just so-so.

Do try out their seafood chowder and also pumpkin soup. They are reaaaally thick and best served warm! I love em!

Hawaiian 5 O. Must try their smoothies, they are really famous for their smoothies. And order fast because I heard they always run out of em! Hawaiian 5 O and Man on the Go are the best! (So far I've only tried these two. I prefer Man on the Go because ..... its really awesome )

Kristy, me, Amelia, Wendee (my bro's gf),  my brother, kim soon

Jan Hong, Ah Hann, Ah Fu, Ah Wei

Vivienne ( All photos credit to her!) Kristy, Me, Amelia

The sweet one!
Oh and they served vegetarian food as well. Ah Hann is so glad to see this!

Posing with my brother's Carbonara. A must try as well! Pizza Italia in Seremban has the best Carbonara too!

Amelia's chicken italia.

Vivienne's beef carbonara spaghetti. She can't eat beef. O_O

After an hour or two, its time for our cake!

Huhuhu we're legal now! *Pop the champagne*

All of us.

All the ladiesssss.

Thank you for the huge mirror.

Loving this picture! 

The boys

The........... fill in the blanks themselves. Haha

The gift giving time ^_^

Lua, Siong Zu, Yeaw, Kim soon, Bro, Jan Hong

Kristy, WenDee, Me

Thank you all for coming. To those who are not invited, do not be frustrated or outcase. We DID want to invite you all but due to the venue, we decided to just have a small lil one. Please bear with us. Thank you for wishing us happy birthday. We hear your sincerity!

Thank you my parents for organizing such an unforgettable one for us, and also thanks for the effort you all gave. 

Thanks WenDee for coming to our birthday party specially from KL and thanks for the gift. I'm flattered!!

Thanks my bro and his gf for coming to our birthday party too. They came all the way from KL and then go back to KL. Thank you.

Last but not least, thank you all the friends for comin!=D

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