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Posted Wednesday, July 27, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
1) Never, ever put LOVE at the first priority.

I know this sounds crazy to certain people, they're like, ''Why can't we place love at the first place! I thought love outweighs everything in this world!'' By love here simply means BGR. Boy girl relationships. Never ever put someone at your very.first.priority. IF you met someone who appreciates this, then you're one lucky girl! But what if he does not? What if he feels like its so easy to get your love and attention and he never appreciates it? Uh oh, not good. Always balance things up. Learnt this lesson through a hard way. Instead, put your family, pets, friends, studies,YOURSELF at the first place. Really.You'll thank yourself for this in the long run lol. If you don't love yourself, nobody's gonna really love you.

2) Don't place so much happiness on others.

If others can make you happy, that's a bonus. If your friends never fail to make you happy, stick around with them more. Friendship is permanent. Try to maintain a friendship that you feel comfortable being with them, that you feel like you're being yourself when you're with them. IF others kenot make you happy, don't be disappointed. That's not their obligations to make you happy anyways. Don't expect anything from them because they might have their hard stories behind too.Some people will never do things for others, just let them be. Don't hold grudges, don't feel hard on them, just smile and forget about it. Appreciate and love those who will and willing to. And repay them with your love and respect.

3) Be an optimist.

Its easy to be an optimist, AND be a pessimist. If you want to be a pessimist, TRUST ME, life has too many too many uncountable things which you can make you rant/complain/feel sad/feel disappointed about. Even a small single things also can make you feel outcast. But do you really want to live your life like that? Life is like a game of gamble. And the prize is happiness,not money. So after you win the game, you will get happiness. Which is the main reason you joined the game at the first place. What I'm tryin to say is, our main motive in life is to search for the meaning to be alive and also be HAPPY. So be an optimist, where just a small lil things in life can make you happy already. Don't have to expect much, don't have to require much. Require and expect on the things that you think you should, like studies. That's enough. Not everything..... Like this you will only live in disappointment.
Learnt this through a really hard way too.

4) Do not judge people.

To be honest, I DO judge people. I do I do I do. And I still do sometimes. But I won't judge until that extreme. I judge based on someone's first impression and also their behavior. But when judgement falls on someone, it will be really unfair to him/her because that judgement is only based on how-i-feel instead of who she/he really is. Therefore, don't judge. Never,never judge. Judge for fun its okay. But don't judge until you really hurt that someone's feeling when you said she is such person but she IS NOT. Don't judge.

Ok, go back study liao. BB.

P/s : Mom called me yesterday night. Listening to her voice indeed motivates me study. T_T Miss my family so much!

P/p/s : After this friday I'll be free!! ^_^ and I can't wait to go back Seremban. Like reallyyyy. :D

P/p/p/s : I miss the fish sooooooo much. T_T
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