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Posted Wednesday, July 13, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
Miss the moment where I can do ANYTHING that I want :(

For example, SPLURGE time on internet surfing and browsing. I say SPLURGE means its precious like that wth.

I seriously miss those time where I can decorate my blog nicely, update my blog nicely, surf some forums, surf facebook and stuffs. I'm just too busy for those.

Even if I have time, I'll give my priority to sleep. Because I love to sleep. :P

Just finished watching Monte Carlo. What can I say, I DEFINITELY LOVE PARISSSSSSSSSS!!!!! Its like every girl's dream. Or shall I say every WOMAN's dream hahahahah :P

Its such a nice story where.. there are hot guys (how can a show not have hot guys!) and hot chicks (non of my business but seriously....) and also nice scenery! And nice shoes and nice gowns and stuffs!

Okay it might be a girlish movie but......whatever I really enjoyed it!

Just finished 2 papers in one week. I'M SO GLAD I'm gonna sleep like there's no tomorrow. Wake me up when............. Thursday begins wth hahahaha because I've gotta do some tutorials and studying :(

Sometimes doing all these ate all your time up but, its at least better than doing nothing.

Hmm, gotta go. Time to sleep!!! Friday my cute lil cousin Racia is coming back from Singapore and I'm gonna meet her! We're gonna gather at my cousin's place! awesomenes

And also Saturday going Pav to meet Buffy my lovely lao gong <3 <3

P/s : Thank you so much for your existence. Or your words because they indeed made me feel better, not temporarily but eternally. ^_^
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