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Posted Friday, July 22, 2011 // 0 comments (+)

It is ...... 4:53 pm right now. I'm onlining at Learning Point. In short, LP.  I feel like sleeping. An afternoon nap before the night comes.

This weekend will be a weekend full of books, assignments, and studies. This sem I can hardly enjoy myself. I'm craving for a full-day outing. I want movie, sing k, nice dinner, nice lunch, nice shopping session with my girlfriends! Can I? That explains why I didn't spend much as well. Good news? I guess so hahaha.

Life is indeed improving. At least everyday I wake up feeling good. At least I'm not wasting my time doing something which doesn't add value to my life? I might not be having a really fully productive day, but I am at least being productive. Study for class a bit, do revision a bit, enjoy my HK drama abit, (I'm currently watching The Other Truth, quite nice! Another law movie. Lately I've been doing law assignments, watching law shows, literally like I'm studying law!), do manicure a bit, do online shopping a bit, update blog a bit, take my lovely nap a bit, exercise a bit, play with Timmy a bit, play with friends a bit, enjoy good food a bit, before sleep read some bible or storybook a bit (I stopped reading bible for quite long time dy, opps. Gonna read more ok =.=.) This is lifeeeeeeeee!

I'm planning to get more storybooks to read. Perhaps it will be.... mini shopaholic! I really enjoy reading these storybooks! LOL!

A weekend without internet and full of books. :( This sad face is not an emo face. It is an.... unhappening life face. But it doesnt make me sad. It makes me feel bored BUT I'll feel super productive! And won't feel guilty cuz I won't be going out much and won't be spending much...

Cook something together anyone? :D

If I'm free I'll be doing some DIY sewing, nails manicuring, and watch drama till I die! Perhaps after 29/7. :P

Freedom is all mine!!!!!

Gotta go, will update more if I can :)

 P/s : I admit I am blur sometimes. But why must I be so clear! Life is happier this way heheheheh. :D
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