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Posted Thursday, July 07, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
Hello my lovely blog and readers,

Life has been pretty messed up lately. Messed up in terms of .. I have many things left unsettled. -_-

Its like, I've been planning to do this but end up i did not do that. Which makes me feel pretty bad. When only I will sit down and study and also finish up my tutorial? Hmm, gotta find some time to do that. Just this week okay, just this week only ha. No more like this liao next week! Gonna hit the gym next Tues and Thurs too! MUST!

I hope my life won't be as busy as now. Assignments piling up, Mid terms coming up as well, and also some club event, I miss the time when I have nothing to do and all that's left for me to do is - study. Lol

I will update more when I reach home okay, how I miss the super fast streamyx line! Now I'm using EP's line which is really really slow. Its like, you do anything also not convenient like that hor.

Super in love with these few songs lately!
1) Linkin Park - Burning in the skies
2) Linkin Park - Iridescent
3) Plain White T's - Rhythm of love and Boomerang
4) Faber Drive - When Im With You
5) The Click Five - Don't let me go.
6) Hillsong - My Redeemer Lives

Everytime when I'm thinking too much, and I feel like I've lost myself, all I ever need to do is put the headphone on and enjoy these songs. Then I'll be really, really happy. It always work. Get drunk in music, not alcoholllll hehehehe i'm such a healthy gal. :]

Gotta go. Tomorrow 8 am class. Nighty nighty world!

Sleeping has always been the BEST thing on earth. :P
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