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Posted Sunday, July 17, 2011 // 1 comments (+)
Hello blog. I feel super comfortable expressing myself in such a private place. This ain't my private blog. Its my public blog. But still, I feel quite comfortable. I don't really like to let the whole world knows what I have in my mind all the time.

This morning, I felt really good. Really damn good. Lol. Prolly is because of the songs and the piano melody that made me feel so....calm and graceful. Some kinda tension and anger release from my heart. Literally feel like I'm some small little naked angel with wings, playing Harps on the cloud. Know what I'm tryin' to say? hahahahaha. I'm glad :)

But I was rushing the whole morning because my bus was 12:30 pm! I... hate rushing things. Its like your stress level increase, and you'll fee like, ''hey slow down yourself people!!! Why so rush!'' I don't feel comfortable rushing things. I just don't.

I admit I'm kind of an indecisive person, simply because I am totally okay with any outcomes. That's why I cant make decisions on most of the things in my life. Everything that happens, it happens for a reason, right? Its like, either way, I will still gain and lose something, am I right? So I will just look at the bright side of everything, I tend to do that nowadays. :)

I'm now, back to Melaka, sitting comfortably in front of my laptop with freshly washed hair. Hmm, smells soooo good. And I really hope my line can be really fast. Slow line makes everything becomes inconvenient huh?

Brand new week started. Sometimes to prevent myself from thinking too much or feel damn useless, I will start to do something productive. Sometimes I even thought of cutting down more on internet usage and start READING A BOOK. Steph when you gonna read a book huh? Aiks. My sister damn geng, she read Harry Potter from 1st book to last book for countless-of-times. OMG. Impressive. hahhaha.I prefer to read some.... Something like shopaholic books, some really girlish books but NOT ROMANCE! I don't wanna be brainwashed by romantic books and start expecting wonders from my future BF. I hate expecting things because I hate disappointments hahaha.

I love the companion of my friends. Especially those friends around me, you guys are literally my angels and I love you all and cherish you all so much. Without you, my life would be like a white sheet of paper, without any colors on it. Everytime you guys never fail to cheer me up. As long as you're my friends, yeah I LOVE YOU! :)

Ken brought all of us for lunch today. He brought us to some noodle store and its kari puff and also the mee taste awesome! Maybe I'm exaggerating things lah but I really love it! ^_^ I just love to explore good food in basically everywhere. So that I can have lots of choices to choose from when I have no idea what to eat. :D

Will update more if I have time. Life is pretty good lately. Books, assignments, gym, sleeps, classes. Hmm although its a very busy sem, somehow I felt myself more useful and more productive than last sem. ^_^
I love my life!

P/s : Yikxin said I so long never change facebook profile picture. IS IT!! I thought I were the only one who thought like that! Hahahah!

P/p/s : I don't know what I want, I really don't. -_-''

P/p/p/s : I'm tired of myself saying things but not doing it.

P/p/p/p/s : Actually........... I don't know what P/s stands for. LOL.
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