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Posted Saturday, July 09, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
so calculative in everything.

Most of my friends, they aren't calculative. Its okay if I ask them to fetch me here and there, its okay if they help me pay once a while. They never mind one. Sometimes even pujuk them a bit then they belanja already (I was just jokingly asked them to pay) T______T How come I have such good friends in my life ah!

Honestly, I myself am not a calculative person. Proud to say that ^_^. Sometimes I even feel so good after treating my friends makan (that's when I'm not broke. When I'm broke, sometimes I can be quite calculative one. But that rarely happens!) Its okay if I treat my friend something once a while. But not something expensive la of course! I'm not working yet! For example,a slice of secret recipe, a drink during yumcha session, some ice cream cones, some dessert, yeap totally fine with it!

So most of the time when I'm hanging out with my non-calculative friends, I feel so happy and relieve. Its like, they pay for me once a while, and I pay for them once a while. Ain't that good huh? Sometimes I will ask my friends to fetch me here and there in Melaka, that's because I have no car. But all my friends hor, never even say A WORD when I ask them to fetch me!!! T____T I insisted paying them back the petrol money but they say, ''never mind la -_-... errr... very awkward leh... don't do like that la ... aiyo....'' like that. So end up I belanja them makan only! Like that I'll feel better.

But seriously, even if a friend of mine ask me fetch him/her here and there, I wouldn't mind as well! Why must mind all these things leh? Why must be so calculative oh? -_-''

I love it when my friends are all generously kind. It makes me become like that too. The more generous they are, the more generous I'll be. And these kinda people GMH. Everytime they did something really good to me, I'll be touched and I'll appreciate them deeply for what they have done. Even if it might just be a small favor to them, it appears to mean something big to me.

Thank you all for being so kind and generous. I am super lucky that I do not have to worry about the ''calculative'' thingy. Friends : to help and being helped when needed, right?! ^_^

All I can say is that, I have bunch of awesome friends. Of course lah not awesome I also won't be close to them ady la right. Lol. Cuz they have such good personalities in them that make me like to hang out with them more.

P/s : Of course, not everydayyyyyyy also treat people or ask for help la. Once in a while its totally fine! ^_^
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