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Posted Saturday, July 09, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
Awesome party at colleen's house! Met so many old faces, i really miss all of em. Met some new faces too! Glad to meet ya'll!!!!!!! =D

The food is awesome, the people is awesome, met a few leng zais and leng luis, the pet looks cute too. LOL!

To those who are reading my blog, you know who you are! I'm really surprised you guys did that LOL! and flattered of course! Hihi to you all. keep reading. lol ^_^

I m gonna  upload more pictures soon if I got the time, prolly next week because I'm busy with my mid terms. I have totally no mood to study for my mid term. WHY!!!!!! :( too much of distractions I guess.

I hope my mood for finals (like last sem) come back to me ok!

How I miss midnight chats like last time. Its unhealthy but who cares, sometimes you just gotta be NOT rational! The heart to heart talk moment where you can share all your problems out and you know there's someone listening to you over the other side, give you lots of good and useful advise that you crave for. Hmm, life is good.

I'm glad. so glad my pink camera is back.  Now I can update my blog more often with PICTURES! If only I have internet access at home........ -_-''

Anyways, after next week I'll be a freeman! My lovely baby cousin is coming back from Singapore next friday. Gonna meet up at my cousin's house and have some gatherings and some dinner! Huhuhu super looking forward to that!And I'm gonna shop for some clothes next week as well!! Must must must.Super long never go shopping ady. ^_^

Hmm, I have nothing much to hope for la. Just hope that I accomplished what I NEED to do everyday, and also what I want to do. That's pretty much all of it!

Goodnight people. Tomorrow until Wednesday, I'll be lifeless. Not forgetting, diet too. Going gym on thursday for sure.FOR SURE FOR SURE AH! Okie. Goodnight people. Happy Sunday. ^~^

P/s : Sometimes you just gotta SCOLD.

P/p/s : Sigh, indecisive me.
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