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Posted Thursday, June 02, 2011 // 0 comments (+)

Went out yumcha with Amelia, Ah Hann and Ah Fu yesterday. They got their holidays toooooooooo! So, May - June is the only month that almost ALL our holidays will clash in a whole year. Awesome! :)

Catching up on each other, chit chatting, laughing, hmm, its pretty nice.

Went to Amelia's house and paint our nails too. When we combine our nail polishes it will be quite of a collection. But I don't think its enough because I really love to collect nail polishes.This is my interest, my passion! :D

Went out to eat Ikan bakar + badminton too! Wah my interest towards badminton grew. Hahaha. I wanna keep practicing it so that I can be better in it!!! And the ikan bakar right, tastes heavenly. Haha

Went out with Amelia and Ah Hann to Sunway today to go for some girls shopping! As usual, we almost shopped until not enough time. Don't know why. Got something back as well! Will blog about them soon!!!

I went out too often huh nowadays? I'm sorry mom. But that is the only time I can hang out with my friends ma >.< I love hanging out with them! And don't worry, we ain't doing something BADDDDD.And we will take care of ourselves. So you don't have to worry that much. ^^

I love to have my own time, doing the things that I enjoy doing alone. So whenever I get to finish what I want to do ALONE, I will have some sense of accomplishment. I did some psychology tests on the newspaper recently, it asked : Do you like to be alone, or can you be alone? (something like that) then I got an answer, 70% hahahahhah. It says that I'm an independent person and I prefer to have my own time.But time spent with others can make me happy as well.Ohhh how I love the answer. :P

I will blog more! Stay tuned!

P/s : Things that I feel or say at night, they can't be trusted.They make no complete conscious sense. hmmm.
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