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Fuah two posts in a day! *Below that is a new post too FYI, DON'T FORGET TO READ.hahahahah*

In my life I have met so many people. Most of them inspired me a lot. Like super alot.

In my secondary school life, I have met some people who had SUPER good temper.Even when they are angry they are still laughing -_-''.  And super funny. And they are such a happy-go-lucky person. But they never take things for granted. I have a really bad temper. My temper was never good. But God sent them to me to make me realize that there are actually such good temper people in this world, and God asked me to learn from them.When I was angry at them, you know what they did? Instead of debating with me who is right and who is wrong, OR instead of avoiding me, OR instead of being cold to me, they actually come closer to me, willing to take the risk to tame down an angry girl. All they did is to pujuk me back,no matter how many times they failed, they still do it. and say things that will make me turn my frown upside down.I was like, totally in shock. How can you guys not be afraid of an angry man? And yet you guys still dare to approach her when there is a high possibility that you will be scolded/ignored?!! They ain't ordinary people,they ain't. They are angels. :) After a few years of hanging out with them, incredibly my temper improved super alot. I literally never get angry easily. Even if we argued again, we will always be there for each other.We will always be there to ask each other what's wrong,and always be there to make him/her happy again. Thank you guys, you guys really inspired me a lot.

When I reached university, I met some friends who are super patient. Please note that I'm an impatient girl, I HATE TO WAIT. Especially when I have nothing else to do,and wait for an hour blindly.I'll be mad. But then God sent me some friends.Some of them never get angry when I made them waited for quite some time.Some of them even come to fetch me earlier than the promised time because he doesn't mind waiting.Some of them can wait me for a few days so that we can go back to our hometown together. And then, I realize, my patience can go further.

When I reached university, I met some friends who will never give up easily.I am a girl who will give up easily. For example,sometimes I paint my nails until really ugly, I will just give up.Sometimes I met with some obstacles,I'll choose to give up too. But they kept trying and trying because they know failure isn't permanent, giving up is what makes it permanent.So they kept trying to solve the same question over and over again just to get the perfect answer. Their patience really inspired me!

Some friends taught me to actually fight for what I want.Don't have to matter what other people think about you, as long as in the end, you got what you want, that's what that matters.Don't have to feel sad that you can't blend in,people will think that you have got your own personalities anyways. They taught me how to turn things that aren't mine at first,become mine in the end.WOW.Such a powerful line.xD

Some friends taught me how to take things slow,enjoy life.Look beside you all the time, and even, look behind you so that you won't miss something.They taught me how to enjoy even a small lil thing in life.They taught me how to breath slowly,walk slowly,type slowly,write slowly,bath slowly,eat slowly!Because sometimes when you are rushing towards something,you will miss out some beautiful things in life.

I am a girl who think a lot. Alot of unnecessary stuffs. I guess that's girl's nature? I don't know. But God sent me some friends, to teach me not to think so much.Laugh all the troubles off. Conquer the world, not being conquered by the world.Make things right your ownself. Make a friendship right by respecting each other.

Sometimes when I'm on the urge of giving up, I will think of them, and I will look up on them.They are indirectly my role models seriously.Lol. I'm glad to have you guys.
Loveeee you guysssss!
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