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Posted Sunday, June 12, 2011 // 1 comments (+)
Once in a while, daddy will bring us up to KL just to go for some family shopping or some food trip or to find my brothers or to visit my cousins. Everytime when I get to know that we'll be going to KL, both Kristy and I will be super excited. I also don't know why. Maybe we just love to go out with family.

Back to topic, daddy brought us to 1 Utama to do some family shopping because we were all having our holidays. We went Puchong for lunch!

Mom and dad busy choosing dishes.

Bro says : Im gonna steal steph's drink later. LOL

Steph said : This is good!

Okay, let you try some lol.

I'm a hot green tea lover yo.

Look at the crowd! It was just a random evening weekday time.

Wah the decoration reminds me of Melaka's Baba Nyonya.

Their asam nyonya fish which tastes superb bcuz its kinda sour!

Prawns! I super lazy wanna peel off the prawn shells so I always always left prawns untouched. lol

Guess what is this!

Otak otak!

Right after that, shopping at 1 Utama!

So we were talking here and there, then I suddenly saw Chocolate Lounge. Remember their awesome fondue?! I do!!!!!! I mean, we do!!! So I was like, DAddy, walk straight, turn left. hahahahahha and he walked super slow ( I duno purposely or what)  so I led him! And we...... we just sat down there...... we were like O_O ... then ^_^

Chocolate lover? They have the BEST chocolate fruit fondue!! Better than Haagen Dasz in my opinion. Hahahah. So much cheaper too! Go give it a try alright! Everytime we eat it we were like..... *closed eyes* hmmmmmmmm~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *floating* lol no joke.

Mom insisted of snapping pics when we're all ready to eat. LOL

And mom bought shoes for us too! That's why I say go shopping with family = best ak. heheheheh
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