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Posted Sunday, May 29, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
Went to Times Square for some interview. And ''sun bin'' went for some shopping hahahahahah.

Played with my brother's BlackBerry Playbook when we're waiting for our interview at Starbucks. He got this for free btw hahaha..

Waited for almost an hour for interview. Much faster than what I've been expecting. I thought I have to at least wait for few more hours because you know lo, work is biggest. They can always require you guys to wait. lol.. But we ended our interview just like, 10 minutes? YAY, lunch time then!

Times Square has nothing to eat but Sushi King. -_- And as usual, our favourite golden egg!!!! :D

Our bento! Shared by the two of us because we wanna order some other sushi too!

Camwhore while waiting for food. I'm using my brother's camera btw! ^_^

The lunch was awesome because I have RM20  voucher so we paid only RM3. hahahahah

Camwhored inside fitting room! I really love the shirt >.<

And I bought 3 shirts back. Wow the feeling of buying something back? Its really satisfying. hehehehe

Went Shimino for some snacks!

I seldom take pictures with my right side face bcuz I don't feel its nice. lol

Loveeeee my nails! Hehehehe.

Thanks for reading people. Goodnight.

P/s : Shouldn't have went Times Square. Shouldn't have. :(
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