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Posted Tuesday, May 17, 2011 // 1 comments (+)
We FINALLY had this.

We always thought of having this but never had the chance? Its either its TOO expensive or we just...don't have enough people.

But we finally had this. Thanks to Mr Frank! He treated us this. Ahhhhhhhh~~ I'm super in love with melted chocolate! I wouldn't mind if you just give me the chocolate and I'll give you the whole haagen dasz balls. I don't mind one. I really don't. :P

And not forgetting, I really love the chocolate lounge chocolate fondue AND the paddington house of pancake's chocolate fondue with dollar pancake. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... Desserts are meant to make people happy right? But make people feel damn guilty also hahahaha

After we finished eating that, we were like...... ''I'm never going to touch that ever again.

But now I'm craving it already -_-

Remember when McD breakfast had promotions and we ate until we're so bored of it?

We said, ''I'm never going to touch that ever again......''

But the next day,when we're hungry,''HEY LETS GO MCD AGAIN!'' LOL..

I know I shouldn't crave bout food right now. But don't worry I won't go and eat it. I'll just go and sleep reminiscing the moment I put that into my mouth. I really live to eat la FML.
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