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Posted Tuesday, May 31, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
1) Watching a super nice movie in my own laptop.
I'm willing to spend 2-3 hours for a movie, as long as that movie is awesome. So if you guys have any nice movie to recommend, just introduce me. Via MSN or Twitter or Facebook also can. :D
I always feel extremely good after watching a super nice movie.Anyone feels the same too?

2) Watching nice drama.
I am a hong kong drama fanssss so I definitely enjoy watching TVB dramas :P
English dramas are good also but I will only watch nice and also those who are recommended ones!

3) Sleeping.
Need I say more. Haha but I slept lesser compared to how I used to last time already. Last time I can sleep for 12 hours, then go for nap again in the afternoon one @_@ but nowadays no more nap dy!

4) Reading some good books.
Sometimes lying on your bed at night, reading some good books, its reaaaaaally nice and enjoying. Especially after you read those books you feel much more confident because you're actually doing something good and healthy. Especially when your teachers, your parents kept motivating you to READ since you're born. Right. -_- but I do not enjoy reading newspaper :(

5) Jogging time
Most of the evenings nowadays I'll spend at least half an hour jogging in the neighbourhood nearby. And when I'm jogging, I must must must must have my ipod with me because music boost up my mood to jog! Most of the time I listen to rock songs so that I can really have the mood to jog!!! So I really love my iPod !! ^_^

6) Bathing time
Bathing time is the nicest because... I don't know. Aromatheraphy gua. Really feel super nice after you bathed. Plus I played music when I'm bathing because its... one hell of an enjoyment hahahaha

7) Watching youtube videos.
I subscribed to a number of youtubers and I really enjoy watching their latest videos everytime!!! Its like you get to see what people are doing from OTHER country. how awesome is that. and they can really inspire you to be a better person. :)

8) Nail painting time.
I am a nail girl so I'm very very into nail arts. Everytime when I'm free I'll be painting my nails lol. But of course, lots of improvements to be done. My mom always scold me for buying so many nail polishes but I always tell her, the money I enjoy wasting is NOT wasted :D hahahahaha

I guess that's all!

I am an outgoing person, really. But I do love to have my own sweet time at home too. Hehe.

P/s : OMG XMEN IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_____^

P/p/s : Going for badminton + ikan bakar tomorrow ! Wahahahaha
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