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Posted Thursday, May 05, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
Wake up early in the morning, because YikXin is coming to fetch us go jalan jalan! :P

I directed her to my house using SMS, and she reached my house 1 hour later. -_-''

Forcing myself to wake up early in the morning. By how? By throwing my hp far far far from my bed! So that I can walk to off the alarm, and walk to brush -_-

Went Jusco for brunch! It was breakfast wor according to Yikxin. Went to Old Town for their curry mee. Yummy! Actually hor Old Town food ain't that cheap also lor. Easily reach RM15 per meal.

Right after that, we jalan jalan... Then, we went Terminal 1 to buy bus ticket!

Right after that, we went to eat ICE!! Wahahahahah like finally. YikXin is super obsessed with the mango ice there. She's a huge fan of mango. While me? Strawberry. Kristy? Chocolate. Now you know us better right. :P

Cute, isn't it? Its like in eskimoo. To recognize the BEST ice, you must recognize the penguin machine. Tips no. 1

Tips no. 2 : it is Rm4.9 per bowl. Its slightly more expensive than normal ice cream, but you don't eat all these everyday right? So once in a while is reasonable! Plus its really yummy haha.

From left, Kristy's chocolate, Yikxin's mango, Stephanie's strawberry. I accidentally dropped a huge scoope of strawberry ice hence its half empty. -_- I'm quite clumsy sometimes I guess? MY ICE AHHHHHH T.T

Right after that we went to buy bread!

LOL what a nice day because its seldom we can sit Yikxin's car and go jalan jalan! :P

P/s : I really hate my laggy laptop, aih. Is it because of virus?
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