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Posted Monday, May 16, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
My camera spoilt. Hence, the less pictures update.I'm thinking of repairing it but I think its going to take few months to get it done! Ahh but at the mean time, I will try to use my sister's phone/brother's camera/mom's camera to take more pictures ok! Super miss my camera.

It was a super duper random day today. Know why?

When I was still sleeping, my sister woke me up and say.

Kristy : Jie, Siong Zu ask u hor, wanna go sing k or not?
Me : Huh? I thought he said Wednesday de?
Kristy : I don't know oh. Kim Soon oso ask wanna sing k or not.

I forgot what I replied. I guess I slept back.LOL

So in the end, we went out sing k because Kim Soon came all the way from Jusco to our house and fetch us because we've got no car. Plus, sing k with them! Never try before, so yeah!

I thought today was holiday eve so its gonna be expensive. But nope! One people RM10++ only. Sing from 2pm-5pm, unlimited drinks and titbits. Haha damn worth it. Plus Greenbox songs hor really really super updated!! Especially those english songs *drools. I sang Rolling in the Deep yeah it was that updated!

Then we went Kim Soon's house and play cards/mahjongs/chill out.It was....really quite random huh.

Joined Julian and Frank for dinner around 8 o'clock. We went Blossom and had their Ikan Bakar! Wah really damn nice. Thanks for the recommendations.

Then we....... we went CC -_- Played Dota with Kristy, Julian, Frank, Derek, Danny, Carmen, Nathan and Kreuz. Yeah I spelt all correctly! LOL.

Because of the dota session we had to ffk Siong Zu Kim Soon they all ah. So sorry so sorry.

It was a super random day but it was reaaaaaaaaally fun. Thanks guys for the fun!

P/s : The only picture I got for the day. Lua's broken toes. He played futsal BARE FOOTED. And he catched the incoming ball with his leg, and it just.....broke it I guess.Rm600 for this -_- 6-7 stitches altogether. He can't drive, can't walk properly. Such a pooooor thing. But he still insisted to drive? -_-

 Wish you speedy recovery ok!!
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