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Posted Monday, May 09, 2011 // 0 comments (+)

Just came back from this movie. People had been saying how awesome it is for weeks. And I only get to watch this movie just now.

With no regrets! Buff guys, nice cars, nice plot, hot chicks, what else do you need!!

Transformer 3 is coming soon too. CANT WAIT! But this time no Megan Fox. Still remember how we were all obsessed with Megan Fox's hotness,

Damn damn damn she looks like a fox huh? LOL in a good way ok!

She is, by far, the hottest girl I've ever seen. hahahhaha

obsessed with the song Never Say Never, obsessed with the song 21 guns. Right now, Transformer 3 is coming out. Clock really does move in one direction only huh?

Just finished my one and only finals today. I'm soo glad I finally breathed freedom! :D

Okie guys, gonna sleep! Gonna be busy until Thursday. Going bac Seremban on Friday. Wait me back alright! :D


P/s : I love buff guys. I love guys who can drive like a pro. Ahh~~ ^_^
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