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Posted Sunday, May 08, 2011 // 1 comments (+)

I really love music. Be it instruments or songs. I just love em.

I learnt piano since I was young. Whenever I played some classical songs, I feel like I'm inside a white castle, and I can almost imagined the pianist is wearing a smart coat, running his fingers on the piano, creating beautiful melody.

Until this age, whenever I listen to classical music, I still feel like I'm in the white castle, so pure, so clean, such a fantasy. It always cheer my mood up.

My piano teacher's mother said one thing which I still believe until today. LOL She said : Girl, you're really talented.

I don't know she said that for fun or being real, but I still believe it until today!ahahahaha

And they always say, artists have weird/bad temper. I guess it fits me too! OMG ahhahaahhaha

I always listen to songs, I can imagine myself playing either drums, or guitar, or piano, sometimes even violin. I don't know why I never pursue music, I guess that's too unrealistic for this realistic world.

Singing a full song out, always makes me feel really really happy. Its like some kind of mood releasing tools.

Despite all these, Im not a big fan of karaoke. LOL.
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