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Posted Wednesday, April 06, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
Yuhoo people! Just came back from Pavilion and Sunway. Damn tired ! But its quite fun actually :) minus the tiredness..... it'd be awesome.

We went for jogoya! because of the promotion :P and also wanted to skate at Sunway but in the end we decided not to because we're lack of time.

These few days really ate alot, my control seems to be out of my control! That actually rhymes wtf! And diet will start right after this ok.... Ok ok.  Mama Mia help me with my determination!

I actually really believe in young education. Like its the most most most important thing of all.

Here's why : When you are young, if you are well educated, then you will never have to suffer when you are matured.

For example, my dad told me I can only eat 1 piece of durian everyday because it will make us sick. The max I can eat is only 1 piece! And so, I rarely eat until 2-3 pieces, since we were already being brought up that way, so I think that as something natural and something... I memang have to do like that one.

But then.... if I am NOT being taught to eat only one piece every time, and I ate alot, the consequences I will have to suffer is getting sick because its really heaty. So that time you will have to fight with temptations!
You restrict yourself hard not to eat 2nd piece!

You knew you shouldn't do that at first is indeed better than controling yourself right.

So yeah childhood education COMES FIRST! Really!!! I kenot emphasize how important that is!

I'm going to finish off my assignment today. If not really no time liao. Goodbye people, I will update more tomorrow if nothing goes wrong ^^

P/s : Andddddddddd I thought source code is out already haiz haiz haiz!
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