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Posted Wednesday, April 20, 2011 // 2 comments (+)
Why can't a girl be miss-looking-good-all-the-time and miss-study-alot at the same time?

Why can't a girl loves make up, loves shopping, brand-conscious, and yet be very rational of her spendings at the same time?

Why can't a guy who loves to study, always get first class or even 4 flat, always being classified as nerds?

Why can't a nerd be a clubber/hardcore-party people?

Why can't an outgoing person be a home loving person at the same time?

Why can't a talkative/playful person be shy at the same time?

Why can't a strong, strict woman be soft and loving at the same time?

Why must people with tattoes/piercings being classified as wild/fierce people? Who knows if they are super good person? Or even they are so much more kind compared to those people who don't have tattoes/piercings?

All these adjectives in every sentences are antonyms,but who says they can't exist in the same person at the same time?

Now is 21st century, and...........we have gotta learn how to stop being such a stereotype :)

Right guyssssssssss. :D
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