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Posted Sunday, April 03, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
sometimes most of the reactions that we make in certain situations, are what we learnt from movies/dramas.

sometimes they can be overreacting, sometimes they can be a weee bit dramatic.

we don't have to behave / react like them. just because we watched too many dramas/movies don't mean we have to deal our daily problems like them!

i know i know, sometimes you will just react it out of your natural habit because... movies/dramas actually taught you that.

For example, when something pissed you off, and the most natural reaction you'll give is : BE MADDDDDDD.

but then I realized, why be mad for that few seconds which might ruin the whole friendship instead of being happy and let it go instead? Maybe he is just joking leh? Or maybe he is used to being that sarcastic all along?

So you just have to laugh it off, or turn that awkward situation into something funny or hilarious or something polite. I guess that will be better off for the two parties. At least you won't start off a fight/be mad at him and dont know wanna forgive him anot mah.

You know there's this thing called ''ego'' in person. each and everyone has their own ego level. everyone needs face. so sometimes giving others what they want, in this case, face, means a lot to them. and they might just give you some face back next time! give and take. :)

and sometimes when you met with some sad thing, like umm.. broken relationships or stuffs.. movies/dramas taught you to go drink, get drunk, forget about things temporary. but they seldom teach you to counter it properly, don't they? they never teach you to love yourself more, don't let yourself be sad for more than half an hour a day.

Movies indeed bring us lots of joy and lots of inspiration but sometimes, we can behave out of the box. we can turn everything bad to become good. all you need is that lil bit of patience and lil bit of tolerance.

sometimes when you're about to be mad and gonna scold whole bunch of vulgar words out, just think twice, hold it back and give that person some face. then that person is gonna be like ''wow arent you gonna be mad for what i just said just now?! you're actually some good guy!''


Goodnight people, hope ya'll have a wonderful monday ahead!
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