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Posted Thursday, April 07, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
The princess Stephanie is gonna...............


I'm going to work in PC Fair Melaka at MITC from 10am- 10pm. Do drop by. Will be working for Stygix company.

How do I feel when I get to know that I'm gonna work?

Hmm.. mixed feeling.. hahahaha.. but trust me, excitements overwhelmed because this is the first time I'm gonna work!

Mommy's girl is no longer mommy's girl right now! Its... its... big girl liao wtf.

So I'm going to work my ass off, earn some money, so that I can travel without having any second thoughts :P but it was never easy. nothing drops from the sky right!

Sounds silly and far I know, but.... you have to dream big sometimes so that you know how to really plan your work and then, work your plan.

Just finished watching Source Code! Huhuhuhuhuhuhu~

Goodnight fellas. Sweeties dreams XOXO xD
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