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Posted Friday, April 22, 2011 // 1 comments (+)
Kristy and I went to Julian's church for the first time for Good Friday today. It was like sooooooo weird and so gan jeong because we saw so many ........ you know, facebook friends.

Its my very first time seeing them in real life, instead of facebook! How .... weird is that.

But overall, they are really friendly. And we enjoyed ourselves. And after the preach, I've realized something.

Being mad is easy, forgiving is hard.

Giving up is easy, going on is hard.

People often tend to give up because they look at how many left they have to go through in front of them, instead of how far they have walked.

Committing sins are easy, stop committing them are hard.

We're all born full of sins, and as we grow, we must control our behavior all the time, literally all the time no matter you're fully conscious or not.

Sometimes I wonder, how can people stop comitting crimes when they grow up? Nobody lectures them anymore like what our parents did to us when we were young. Nobody's there go guide us, to control us, to scold us anymore. And then I came to know something - it is the Feeling of Guilt. That feeling is..............extremely........ scary. Its just like.. you have super accurate and reliable tips, but you never share with your friends. That is extremely selfish okay! But I confirm will spread it out one la! Hahahaha so I have nothing to be guilty of! :P

And the pastor is right, successful is humble. Oh how I love this line. =)

Happy Good Friday everyone.

Wish you all have a great great day ahead.

P/s : I always tend to expect a lot from people. No matter who you are, as long as you are my friends. but I realized....... The more I expect, the more I'll be disappointed if that thing doesn't reach my expectations. Sigh.. Time to not expect A THING from anyone. Gotta grow up Steph! Life is not about whining and complaining anymore. Just need to be glad that you are alive and kicking! Huhuhu~

P/p/s : I met a girl who is trying to make her dreams come through by real actions today. She did inspire me a lot. Thanks. =]
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