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Posted Thursday, March 10, 2011 // 0 comments (+)


Is an effing awesome movie. Ballet is so graceful. The music are so classical. In short, I really really love it.

Glad so many movies made me love them so much i would watch them twice if I got the chance. except, I am number four. I don't think that's a great movie but soooooooo many people say its good! Opinions anyone?

Gym on tuesday,
Badminton on wednesday,
4 hours of dance practice today.

I love to sweat! I'm suppose to feel body sore, but nope I'm feeling good! Guess I'm too used to exercise ady.

Going back hometown this week. Intensive dance practice starts this Sunday! Good luck to all of us.

Results going to announce in like 8 hours I guess? I just hope I pass all my exams, and got my CGPA slightly higher than last sem. Then I really really really thank God ad. :)

Worry is a misuse of imagination. Don't worry too much kay. Just close your eyes, relax, breath hard, empty your brain, and sleeeeeeep! The results won't change anyways.

Remember, even if you flunked your exams, don't mean you are doomed in studies/ having a bright future. It always depends on how your personality/hardwork works for it.  Look at Mark Zuckerberg and the founder of google, they are drop-out students. xD of course, don't be like them, you can't create something super great like google/facebook anymore -.-''


Good luck to ALL the MMUians.

Goodnight. :)
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