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Posted Sunday, March 06, 2011 // 1 comments (+)
Yesterday I was driving with sister beside me. I wanted to reverse the car from our house, and my dad is watching from the inside. Apparently he wanna check whether we have the ability to drive safely and estimate correctly before he buys us a car. Yeaps, he's going to buy us a car which he claimed ''soon''. So I was a bit pressured when he eyed on me, and then I stare back at him, and continue to reverse. But then I estimated wrongly and I banged the mirror WTF. Luckily its alright. My dad was like.........'' omg...........'' and I was like ''ohhhhhhh shit.........'' so I guess the buying car process has to be postponed.... Thanks to me.. I guess my dad is scared. Whenever we bang the car, the first thing that came across our brain is ''I'm going to be scolded by my mom!!'' and whenever we bang the car, the first thing that came across our parents brain is ''I'm going to pay for that.......'' LOL

Anyways, we went to Pavilion few days ago. We were super bored at home and dying to go Pav shopping! ^^
It is actually some kinda like a food trip because we don't really wanna go for shopping.

Went Carlos Mexican Carteen Canteena for lunch. If you follow me on foursquare you will know! ^_^
It was just a random pick though..

The interior design is really nice.. Saw one couple sitting on my right side, the guy is an angmoh, the girl is Malaysian obviously. They're enjoying wine, chatting ear to ear. It was really sweet. :D

Ordered a spaghetti. Creamy spaghetti is my our favouriteee!

Whenever we're eating on that we feel like we're in heaven. Floating on the air~~~~~~

Mexican potato skin. Minced meat with melted cheese on top~

Right after the satisfying meal, we walked around and saw this!

Crepe cake!

with lots of crepe cake for you to choose! yum yum..

But in the end we ate this. -____-'' HAHAHAHAH

Saw this cute bear bear!!! Really cute right his head so big!!!

Twin. LOL.

There's a fashion show going on..

After walked for like hours, its finally time for our dinner. We met up with Lua Wei Jun for dinner! How rare right, you can have dinner with your friends in KL! He joined us right after he finished his test. We waited him for almost an hour and half cuz of the traffic jam!

Tori Katsu Don! <3

Right after the meal, we went to Sticky. I didn't know what is Sticky, I saw lots of people sharing the videos around in Facebook but I don't have the time to watch it. I actually dislike watching videos that are long. Even a music video.. I can totally count to you how many music video i've spent my time finish watching them. Lol.. I know..

So this is sticky! hmmmm, I see I see..

Trying clothes at F21.. their changing room is sooooooooo princess-ish... And I really love this shirt!

Took this picture with Canon S95. Its a nice camera people. Can consider buying it!

That's all for my vanity post. Thanks for reading. :P
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