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Posted Wednesday, March 02, 2011 // 0 comments (+)
For my babyyyyyy. ^_^

It was previously like that. When I first bought the cover it looks really really nice. This is the kinda pink color which I like. This pink is the combination of red and pink! Which looks absolutely gorgeous to me. :)

And to make it looks more special, I DIY-ed a few white lil tiny pearls on it. And I really like it!

After using for a year,

2 white pearls dropped.

some patches on it started to fall off. =(

I searched high and low for its cover. Because now the latest ipod touch 4 has came out, therefore its pretty hard to find a cover for ipod touch 3. And while I was shopping in pavilion yesterday, I finally saw it! And it comes in.......


And the final look. It feels soooooooo freaking good when I'm gripping it too. ^_^

Do you all also like the new pouch like me? :D
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