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Posted Tuesday, March 22, 2011 // 1 comments (+)
Today I'm going to blog about a couple, who is super duper lovey dovey (which is, a good thing. don't doubt about it when you happen to really read my blog). They are more geng than Marshall and Lily ahhhh T_T I don't know la! but in my opinion, they are!

1st) We have dance practice everyday for the past week. From 8pm - 12 am. And this girl's BF actually accompanied her for 4 hours straight almost everyday. He's sitting at the back, sometimes look at us, sometimes do his own thing, sometimes listening to music, sometimes playing laptop, sometimes doing his homework. Our group leader said, ''if I ask my bf come, he will only stop for 10 minutes I think... ''

2nd) When this girl didn't eat her dinner (maybe she has classes before the dances), this guy never eat too. After the dance practice finish only they dinner! They vow to eat together. Literally!!!!!!

3rd) When this girl wants to eat something, the guy will definitely be the first to go and buy. The distance between the daancing room and the restaurant is quite far to be honest.

4th) We went yumcha right after our dance. We went to McD. That day happened to have football. Live. And the guy wanted to watch so much, but the girl doesn't like football. And the guy said, I'll come back real fast, real fast. And the girl approved. What happened was.... the guy kept looking at the screen, then look at his gf, look at the screen, look at his gf. Out of curiousity, our leader asked her : why your bf keep staring at you ah? and she said... because he knows I don't like him watch football........

5th) The guy will snap cute pictures of hers, and put as his profile picture!

You guys might think they are fresh couple right? Nope, you guys are wrongggg. They coupled for more than a year already!!

Its really nice to know the both of you because....You guys' love GMH. :)

Don't be ashamed of your behavior.. it gives hope to many people alright!
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