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Posted Saturday, March 26, 2011 // 2 comments (+)

Just watched this yesterday with Kristy, Siong Zu, Denzel.

I can't believe I watched it. The name sucker punch? What on earth? A sucker loves to punch? I don't know.

I did. I watched it. Hhahahahahah. And to me its ok la, worth watching.

Some lil tips right here.

1) Pay full attention on what are they trying to say. Once you missed out something, you ain't gonna get the full story d!

2) This movie has 3 layers. Figure it out yourself !

3) You. will. be. unprepared. (like how they told us in their trailer)

If you're running out of movie to watch, just go ahead and give this a try! RM10 is worth all the computer graphics, thumbs up if you like dragon, temples, robots, hot chicks, and nice soundtracks.

Many people said this movie sucks, i think is because they don't get what they are trying to say. I at first said it sucked too! But then I go and read the whole plot, and everything starts to make sense already. I am a lil dumb when it comes to movies that requires you to use your brain!

So overall, its worth watching!

Had insomnia lately. Everytime before I'm about to sleep, I will thinkkkkkkk sooooo muchhhhhhh. Think about inspiring quotes, inspiring stories, Japan earthquake, shopping, what had happened to me on that day, a quick recap. -_-'' and makes me sleep around 4-5am every single day. FML.

And was too hungry right after our movie. We finished our movie around 1 something almost 2 am, and then I slept around 4 am. I had dinner around 7 pm! the 9 hours gap make me gastric a lil bit right now. -_-''

Earth hour is officially over. And.....we went out yumcha instead wtf! But we did off the lights!

Hope mom's eyes infection faster GO OFF!!!!!!!!!

Time to hit the books. Got exam on Friday. :(

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